Les Nouvelles

(note: les nouvelles seront publiées dans la langue dans laquelle elles sont fournies au serveur web)

    08-Dec-2019: design of pages for MCFC made consistent with other "chapter" pages.

    05-Dec-2019: Five people have indicated willingness to form an "executive committee": Nana Amankwah (PHAC), Ron Gannon-Berg (RCMP), Don MacMillan (Industry Canada, ret'd), Michel Savard (Statcan) and Gord Walford (Statcan, ret'd). There have been two meetings of the group. Gord has been named secretary of the executive committee. We hope to have a meeting with other group leaders sometime "down the road".

    19-Nov-2019: English and french chapter pages replaced with pages with pics of locations of individual groups (one exception, the MCFC)

    18-Nov-2019: Experiment: added pics of the various groups' locations to the English "chapter" pages

    16 & 17-Nov-2019: New website design launched, including
    • a white background (easier to see) and a neutral grey border
    • a rendering of the Centre Block of Parliament Hill in pencil with a coloured flag, and the PSCF simple outline cross with a red maple leaf superimposed on top.
    • titles in English and French with the PSCF "motto" underneath
    • one new page - this one!

    14-Nov-2019: The first meeting of those who expressed an interest in being part of the executive was held at the offices of One Way Ministries, facilitated by One Way's Gerry Organ. Participating were Ron Gannon-Berg (RCMP), Don MacMillan (Industy Canada, ret'd), Nana Amankwah (PHAC, by phone) and Gord Walford (Statistics Canada, ret'd). Some of the points raised were: need for an improved website; need for a meeting of group leaders; some interest in holding another "Faith@Work Forum" or providing other opportunities for fellowship and building one another up.

    13-Nov-2019: An offer to host the website for free was received from one of the group leaders; this is being examined.

    Oct-2019: response to the September poll produced 12 responses, enough money to cover the debt, pay the bills and a bit left over; also three people showed interest in being part of the executive. There were indications that two others were willing to assist with the website.

    06-Sep-2019: Poll sent out to 20+ leaders of groups inquiring of them
    1. Do you want the PSCF to continue as an organisation?
    2. Do you want the website to continue to link bible studies and prayer groups in the federal public service?
    3. Are you willing to participate in an executive?
    4. Would you be interested in taking over the administration of the website, or do you know anyone who would?
    Along with the poll was a request for donations for 2019-20 fees related to the website and to cover some debts incurred by the webservant.



(image en haut: rendu au crayon de l'Édifice du Centre, Colline du Parlement, Ottawa)




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